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It's art. It's an icon. It's a journey. But most of all it's an opportunity to give everyone something to smile about.

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The gender war. Love Run. Like Snow in Summer. Anderson Falls Not yet released. Night Fare - Bezahl mit deinem Leben Life in a Year Drama Romance. Many of the obituaries in mentioned her last words, said to a friend before she left the bar earlier that night:. As my research intersected with the world of Twain scholarship, we learned that most Twain scholars only knew Nina as a tragic figure: perpetually unhappy and unable to fulfill her potential, whatever it was.

That was not how we saw her. We still saw her as a self-assured, cosmopolitan, happy young woman. And somehow, both views of her are right. Right beside us flowed the broad Hudson, just as quiet as it could be, except when a swiftly passing motor boat left a path of ripples behind it on the pinkish-blue water. Beyond were endless forests, where here and there were dotted small houses, and behind that the green curved hills. We had our breakfast on the train and arrived in New York station at I love the racket that goes on at any station: Conductors whistling, porters running, men calling, taxi doors banging, the noise of the engine and a dozen other things.

Soon after, we arrived at Fourteen East Sixtieth Street. Mlle went to see somebody in the custom house about her papers.


Father went out with a man to lunch. I agree with Mother, I like the old pictures much better than the modern ones. Mlle and I took a bus ride along Riverside Drive and although it was dreadfully hot we enjoyed ourselves very well.

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Other than her birth and her death, Nina had only one real moment of national fame. It was at a train station — the one in Hannibal, Missouri, in Nina was invited to dedicate the Mark Twain Zephyr, a locomotive named after her famous grandfather, in the town where he grew up. She broke a champagne bottle on the nose of the engine. Afterward, there was a fancy dinner party, where she was treated like a princess. Among the other notable guests was Harry Truman, then a senator from Missouri. But this one is my favorite:.

A Nina who it increasingly felt like only we knew. The other reason? It seems the diary really was lost. There are other diaries — 20 years worth of them — at a university archive in Provo, Utah, where scholars have studied them from time to time. But I have a supposition, based on what we do know. I think Nina kept the diary separate from the other diaries, at the end of her life, and maybe for a long time before.

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Maybe the diary was a way for an older, sadder Nina to remember who she was , or, at least, who she had been. At 6 min to 10, the wonderful zeppelin that is to fly to America appeared. Crowds of people filled the streets, and many were stationed on the roofs of buildings, supplied with moving-picture cameras. The silver-gray zeppelin glided gracefully along, so gracefully that it seemed a mere phantom of the air. Four times we saw it, and each time the spectators cheered and waved their handkerchiefs. Haass, Mrs. Haass, and Herr Helmut Gorine! I got to bed at After The Diary of a Young Girl was published in the s, millions mourned its young author, Anne Frank — and rightfully so. But who mourned for Nina? I did. In fact, the cemetery was all but deserted. I walked up onto the pavestones surrounding the two large standing monuments. There, in front of me, was the grave of Mark Twain.